Clearwater, Florida -- The moment in court when they finally heard the judge make the adoption official is one so few of us will everunderstand, but for nearly 20 children and their new parents it's one they will never forget... it's the moment they became a forever family.

"We're excited," said Stacey Parker, as she held tightly to 2-year-old Sierra.

The toddler has been a part of Stacey and Charles Parker's family since she was just 14 days old, but now they can officially call her their daughter.

But, they say they are not forgetting where she came from.

"We're going to stay in touch with her biological parents as well. As foster parents, we get to know biological families, so it'll be nice, she's just going to have more extended family," said Stacey. The couple previously adopted 7-year-old Charity who was very excited about welcoming her new little sister to the family.

While their stories are different, there is one thing each of thenewly adoptedchildren share... they were among the more than 750 children in the state of Florida who did not have a forever familyuntilparents like the Parkers and Aultmans stepped in, changing their lives forever.

Robert and Celina Aultman of Tallahassee already have four biological sons, but when they came across 11-year-old Hunter's story on the Pinellas-Pasco Heart Gallery website.

"A lot of it was the struggles he faced, a lot going on in his life and nobody ever gave him a chance and we wanted to be the ones that take him and love him and prove we weren't going to walk away," said Robert Aultman.

Hunter was a bit shy, nervous about all of the TV cameras that seemed so interested in his story. He smiled, saying simply, "I get to have my forever family."

It brought tears to his new mother's eyes.

"It's just nice, it's just nice to know he'll have a forever family, and we love him," said Celina Aultman.

Kids like Sierra and Hunter are lucky. They are going to sleep tonight and every night for the rest of their lives, knowing they have a family to turn to, but in Pinellas and Pasco counties alone there are still 120 children still searching for that unconditional love.

They just might be the one to complete your family.

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