Tampa, FL-- Four days after officials arrested a man for brutal violence and sexual battery, Hillsborough deputies searched his home and found videos linking him to similar crimes, along with several destructive devices and more.

According to reports, it was last Wednesday, November 21, when 51-year-old Frankie Valintino Aguilar Jr. grabbed a female victim by her hair to keep her from leaving his home off of Berkley Dr. after a verbal argument.

That was the beginning of the extensive violence she would undergo.

Reports say Aguilar forced the woman into his bedroom, where he, "pounded [her] head against the floor and punched her in the face. [Aguilar] then pointed a black handgun at [her] and threatened to kill her."

After forcing her to the floor, Aguilar reportedly stepped on her neck, kicked her in the face, and restrained her with zip ties- which he later removed to force her to perform sexual acts.

Officials arrested Aguilar on Thursday, November 22.

Detectives searched Aguilar's home the following Monday and found evidence linking him to similar crimes, and much more.

In addition to finding the gun he used to threaten Wednesday's victim with, officials say they foundseveral SD cards, one of which contained a video of a similar sexual assault.

According to reports, the video shows Aguilar getting violent with another female victim that he lured into his bedroom.

When she did not comply with his demands to remove her clothing, he choked her, sexually assaulted her, and even tazed her- reports say no less than five times.

As he did with his latest victim, Aguilar threatened her life with a pistol.

He reportedly kept her for over an hour before telling her that he would make her watch as he killed one of her family members if she ever went to authorities.

Aguilar kept the driver's license of victim from Wednesday's assault, as well as the driver's license of the victim in the video.

Officials say they recovered four other driver's licenses and are working to locate those people.

Detectives also say they found five destructive devices inside a locked room. Members of the HCSO Bomb squad say the devices could be ignited via a fuse.

Aguilar admitted to having the devices. He told officials he had them for two years and that they were designed to detonate.

It doesn't stop there. Officials also found cocaine with straws and a homemade pipe.

The Hillsborough County Arrest Inquiry shows that Aguilar was released November 24 on a $2,000 Surety Bond after spending two days in jail.

Officials arrested him again after their search of his home.

Aguilar faces charges of Sexual Battery,Battery,Aggravated Assault with a Firearm,False Imprisonment,Possession of Destructive Devices as well a drug charges.

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