Bradenton, Florida - The Prep Academy is a private Bradenton school that continues to find itself in financial and legal trouble. Itmay be shutting its doors - or is it?

Clayton Houston says a school official says they are open. "They said they're not closing."

In an email to parents, school officials say the 6-12th grade program will close December 21st, but parents have reportedly been told the entire school will be closing then.

It does appear students are withdrawing. Houston is removing his grandson from Voluntary Pre-K. Houston says, "If they are having problems, the best thing is to move him."

School owner Hendrik Lamprecht's former school was foreclosed on and a dozen teachers are suing for 200-thousand dollars in back pay. Now, The Prep Academy's Principal and a teacher say they too are owed money and have quit.

Lamprecht's landlord, who owns the property next door, filed a lawsuit last month against Lamprecht for back rent totaling more than 57-thousand dollars.

John Rekkas tells 10 News in an interview last month, "After all I did for him I feel betrayed, cheated."

Landlord John Rekkas says when Lamprecht fell on hard times thathe excused 4 months' of his rent, about 40-thousand dollars worth. Rekkas says, "I opened my heart to him, I helped him."

10 News has been covering Lamprecht since 2010 when his previous school, Bradenton Preparatory Academy,hadfinancial troubles. When a10 News photojournalist showed up for our first scheduled interview in 2010, Lamprecht took a swing at him,hitting him in the head twice.

10 News asked a school worker if Lamprecht is available to speak to us but we received no response.

Houston says, "I think if he's got issues with the rent, he needs to take care of it." In the meantime, Houston says his grandson will not be attending The Prep Academy.

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