Tampa, Florida -- Santa Claus rides a bike to work. He washes dishes for a living.But it's when the water stops that the magic begins.

"What I do every year - I try to brighten people's spirits up," says Delwyn Collins.

For 23 years, Collins has helped foster the Foster Angels program at Tampa General Hospital, where he works. The toys collected at TGH make up more than half the total donations that Foster Angels receives each holiday season for foster children throughout Hillsborough County.

"I was kind of raised as a handicapped kid growing up in Texas. I know what these kids go through. My mother was a single mother, raising four kids on her own. I give something back to the community that she gave to us," he says. "She gave us more than a single mother could give us. She gave us love and she gave us heart."

Many of the gifts are donated from employees at Tampa General. Others, Collins pays for with money from working overtime in TGH's kitchen, and while working side jobs. He takes pride in earning the money to help kids each holiday season.

The cart he wheels around the hospital acts as his sleigh, as he piles it up with donated toys and brings it to a room that you might call the "North Pole", filled from floor to ceiling with toys. Collins gets as excited about organizing the gifts as he does about playing with them.

"When I go shopping, I still play with some of the toys inside of the store," he laughs. "I'm still a little kid inside."

Those memories of being a kid are what inspire him to collect tons of toys each year.

"That's what Christmas is all about. It's not what religion we are, the color of our skin. It's about what's on the inside," he adds.

You can donate to the Foster Angels program through Friday by calling 813-770-4313 or 813-650-4040.

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