ST. PETERSBURG, Florida-- Why? That's the question on so many people's minds after Friday's deadly school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. But for Pam Settle of Good Living magazine, the question has a different meaning.

"Why aren't we doing more? Why is this so hard to provide the help that's needed?"

Many have that feeling of helplessness. Settle says you can funnel those emotions into action by mentoring, giving some of your time at an organization, a school, or place of worship.

"There are so many young people who are in desperate need of a calm, rational adult to bring leadership to their lives. You don't know what course that child might be going on and you can change that course by giving them hope, giving them direction, giving them leadership."

Settle co-chairs the Children's Movement of Florida, an advocacy organization that brings parents together.

"[It] started a couple of years ago as an advocacy movement to make sure children, families, parents, and all of those issues surrounding that remain a political priority in the state of Florida," says Settle.

She says part of the legislative agenda is to advocate for funding for parent education programs. She believes the more resources there are to support parents, the better chance we have of answering the "why" question and keeping tragedies like this one from happening again.

"Now is the time to get out there, take those emotions, and turn them into positive actions," says Settle.

If you are need of resources in your area, dial 211.

The free, confidential call center can provide you with information and referrals in your hometown.

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