A Wheel of Fortune contestant's southern accent cost her a winning puzzle.

With a puzzle that currently read SE*EN S**NS *-S**MM*NG,Renee Durette told host Pat Sajak, "I'd like to solve:Seven swans a-swimmin'!"

"Yeah, that's... not..." responded Sajak as the incorrect buzzer sounded.

Renee, who is a Navy intel specialist from Merritt Island, Florida, knew the answer but got it wrong for not pronouncing the "g" at the end of "swimming."

She says that's just how she talks, and dropping the "g" is fairly common with southern accents.

But dropping that "g" cost Renee $4,000 and caused the Internet to blow up with angry fans saying Renee got it right.

Renee says she understands that the show needs to have strict rules and still feels honored to have been on Wheel of Fortune... but did say the loss was disappointing.

She didn't walk away completely empty handed though. She went home with $8,200.

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