St. Petersburg, Florida -- Santa wasn't the only one bringing gifts to kids in the Bay area this year.

For the second year in a row, 8-year old Callee Connon raised money by selling lemonade and then using the cash to buy new bikes for those less fortunate.

Connon says 11 times this past year she ran a lemonade stand in her front yard, raising more than $1,900. She had a sign next to her lemonade stand that read "Callee's Bikes for Buddies".

"When [someone] stopped by I told them the lemonade was free but donations are accepted," she told 10 News.

Over the past two years,Connon has raised enough money to buy more than 60 news bikes which were given to kids through the A.S.A.P. Women and Children's Homeless Shelter and The Christmas Toy Shoppe.

"That's what it's about, it's about giving and she's certainly done that," said Connon's dad, Chris Connon.

"Obviously she's learning even little kids can make a huge difference in their community," added her mom Cindee Connon.

Callee Connon purchased her bikes at Toys R' Us. She also purchased some new bike helmets on other items this year for some families.

You can read more about Callee's Bike for Buddies you can visit her blog.

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