ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- A lot of people across the country andhere in the Tampa Bay area werefurious on New Year's Eve that lawmakers camedown to the wire in reaching a deal on the fiscal cliff.

Ann Kanuck, a veteran, said, "We send a very powerful message to the world on New Year's Eve when we choose not to act."

Lisa Flynn is a mother offourwho said, "I have a son with disabilities and you know this is drastically going to affect us."

Kanuck added,"I'm also a veteran, so I look at things like the long-term ramifications in terms of the military and all of the social systems we have in place that will suffer."

Tom Testa said, "[I'm] fed up. Definitely fed up.It shouldn't have to come to this point, you know. To where you're worried about jobs, you're worried about healthcare, and you're worried about, of course, taxes."

And speaking of taxes, over at Liberty Tax Service's Clearwater office, just about everythingwhen it comes to early filing was putonhold. HowardRothman ownsthe store and said, "They've been playing politics for the lastsix toeight weeks."

Meanwhile, Testa said he's going to remember the last-minute deal andhis frustration with lawmakers when it's time to cast his vote during the midterm election of 2014.

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