Brooksville, FL-- A helicopter chase landed two criminals behind bars last week after they reportedly used a door snapped from its hinges to hit a man in debt to them.

The victim told officials it all began when he received text messages from one of the two attackers about money that he borrowed the month before.

Shortly after he received the final text message the two men, 29-year-old Gary Molloy and 32-year-old Dominick Occhicone, showed up at his house to collect their debt.

After they threw a beer bottle at the victim, he told them to leave and closed the door. That's when Molloy and Occhicone kicked the door in, broke it from its hinges and "hit the victim in the face with the door", reports say. And it didn't stop there.

Molloy then picked up a cast iron ball from the front porch and used it to hit the victim once again.

Molloy andOcchicone ran from the home once they realized law enforcement was on their way, but they didn't get far.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office Air Unit spotted Occhicone running on a nearby road within minutes, and deputies were able to locate and arrest him for the attack.

Molloy remained close to the scene, and was also found and arrested.

Sheriff Al Nienhuis says the Air Unit was crucial in this case.

"It is difficult to overstate the value of aerial observation when tracking a suspect. his particular neighborhood has very large property parcels with residential streets that are much farther apart than a typical subdivision," he said. "Although this makes it slightly more difficult for ground units, it is ideal for finding and tracking a suspect from the air."

Molloy was charged with Aggravated Battery, Burglary with Assault or Battery and Criminal Mischief with a bond of over $30,000.

Occhicone was denied bond, and was charged with Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon, Burglary with Assault or Battery and Criminal Mischief.

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