TAMPA, FL - Today I want to cater to the many Apple fanatics in the Bay Area.

I hear from Ways 2 Save viewers all the time who've saved up for an iPad or iPhone to only find out a month later, a new model has been released with better features. They're out of date and out of luck.

Since Apple operates in secrecy and they're not the easiest company to predict, I have a resource to pass along.

The Buyer's Guide by Mac Rumorstakes the suspense out of shopping for Apple products. Through analyzing product cycles over the past decade, someone else's math may be all you need to better predict the best time to buy a new Apple product.

Find the product you've considered purchasingand you'll know in a matter of seconds whether you're in the clear, or if that iPad your eyeing is likely to see an update soon.

Of course, today's Ways 2 Save recommendation is not 100% accurate all the time but it certainly comes closer than the other resources I've tested. It's also better than an educated guess.

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