How do you not fall in love with Mary? This 2-3 yr old, 45 lb black lab mix is all heart.

We call her "Mary the Cable Girl" because of the horrible incident in rural GA that brought her and her 6 puppies to the Suncoast Animal League.

She wasn't spayed so she was only doing what comes naturally. When it came time to give birth she thought the safest place was under her next door neighbor's house. She jumped the fence and gave birth to seven puppies under the house where it was almost 100% human proof.

For a couple of weeks, she moved back and forth. She was extremely protective andwould only leave her pups for brief periods of time. One time while she was gone, the homeowner tried to remove the puppies. When she returned, she growled at him and he went to her owner and insisted that she be tied up. She was tied by a cable in her backyard justfeetaway from her babies. But the few feet might as well have been a few miles, for no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't reach them.

Imagine the torture of knowing that her puppies are hungry and crying only a few feet away, butshe was unable to help them. She gave one last valiant effort to get to them by jumping the fence. She cleared the fence, but found herself at the "end of her leash." In fact, the cable had wrapped around her hips and the more she fought to get to her pups, the tighter it pulled. Before long, the cable became embedded in her and the pups were not her only problem.

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Some time later, her owner found her in distress and took her to the animal services because "he didn't have money to take her to the vet's." The puppies were still under the neighbors house...alone and starving. The next day, the nearly lifeless puppies were removed from under the house. Dehydrated to the point that their skin refused to fold back in to place and covered with fleas, the puppies were taken to their anxiously awaiting mom. Somehow, they managed enough strength to nurse and their mothers milk once again became their life sustaining potion.

Without funds to assist the badly wounded mom and her barely hanging on pups, "Rescue Me" Rescue group reached out to Suncoast Animal League for help.

The Suncoast Animal League took care of Mary's wounds and placed her in a loving foster home, where she has been recovering for the last few months. We found homes for all of her puppies and now it's Mary's turn.

Mary is the most lovable, affectionate, and well-tempered dog. She is silent--never barks. She loves to give kisses and sleeps all day on the couch. She gets along famously with other dogs and she is good with school aged children, but she's not a fan of cats or loud noises.

Mary does have a scar on her lower abdomen from the cable injury, but she is still very pretty with her short, black, shiny hair and happy personality. It cannot be stressed enough that Mary is an angel who loves and trusts unconditionally, despite everything she has been through. She does have some bad habits to break (namely, jumping fences), but she is a very trainable, wonderful dog. She's sensitive, so we recommend that she go to a calm, quiet, loving home where she can get into a nice routine.

To make an appointment with Mary's foster family to do a meet and greet, please call the Suncoast Animal League at727-786-1330.

The Suncoast Animal League is a non-profit, no-kill, no-time limit animal rescue agency, taking in abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals in the Palm Harbor and surrounding areas. Please "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We're located at 1030 Pennsylvania Ave, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

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