TAMPA, Fla.- From strip clubs, to golf courses and everywhere in between, if they served food in 2012, we were there.

From a bandage in the soup at an Italian Restaurant in Pinellas to a French tip finger nail in the ice cream at a Pinellas Park family buffet, we saw everything you could imagine and more.

Restaurant employees were often unhappy to see our camera. Some invited us in, then changed their minds later.

"Delete the video!" one employee said as we were leaving.

Others pulled us outside, as soon as we walked in the door.

Not everyone was angry. Some owners had a sense of humor, like the owner of Frank's Family Restaurant in Citrus County, who joked about why rodents might have been in the kitchen.

"I even like to get out of the cold," said owner Bill Wineski. "Plus its kinda attractive to something that's hungry, it's called a restaurant."

We heard lots of excuses and explanations for the problems found in 2012.

Like the ice cream shop that said chocolate sprinkles were mistaken for rodent droppings.

"You won't find a cleaner restaurant," shouted the owner.

But we discovered inspection reports rarely lie. In fact, time after time, we found restaurants that said they were cleaned up but still had roaches weeks later.

"One, two, three, four... yeah this restaurant is filled with roaches,' we said during an inspection of the Steak Escape inside the Citrus Park Mall.

In January of last year, CiCi's Pizza in Kenneth City that told us their kitchen was clean. Later that night we showed roaches running around the dining room on live TV.

After our report, the restaurant closed down for weeks to complete a renovation. CiCi's eventually invited us back and we were so impressed we even tried out the pizza.

"For guests that haven't been here in a couple months they're going to see a completely new restaurant," said Kyle Smith, CiCi's Senior Vice President of Operations back in April.

We were happy to find lots of restaurants like the Columbia on Clearwater Beach that quickly addressed any problems found.

But a few instead, tried covering up issues, unable or unwilling to get their kitchen clean.

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