St. Petersburg, Florida- Loretta Drake says the news reports on this flu season have convinced her. The 75-year-old went to the Walgreens on 38th Ave North to get her flu shot today.

Loretta says, "I usually do get it, but I haven't gotten it yet. I decided I better do it before it gets me."

Nancy Rutland hasn't had the flu shot in four years, but this flu season has changed her mind.

"Some people died; the risk level is higher," says Nancy.

"We've seen an increase in flu vaccines and flu medication like Tamiflu," says Walgreens pharmacist Danielle Donohue.

She says as fast as Tamiflu is restocked, it goes out.

Danielle says, "We've had to order some more, and kind of work with other stores to ensure we have enough to get us through the day. Because of increased demand, it's harder to get, but we're not really affected by the shortage."

Donohue says Tamiflu helps reduce the severity and duration of the flu.

"Within two days of developing symptoms, you should start taking the Tamiflu- after you've seen a doctor and been diagnosed with the flu. Or, if you've been around someone who has been diagnosed with the flu, within two days you should also start it as prevention," Danielle explains.

Health experts say do not confuse the common cold with the flu.

"The common cold and the flu are similar except with the flu, there's severe fever, severe body ache, severe sweating- pain all over is more severe than the common cold," says Danielle.

"Go ahead get the flu shot; save yourself some grief," says Loretta.

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