Titusville, FL (Florida Today) -- A man suspected of killing a Titusville woman and dismembering herbody told another man -- who is also facing charges in the incident -- aboutthe slaying, according to documents released Wednesday.

WilliamL. Weber was arrested Monday on accusations he tried to sell threebracelets, worth about $130, at a pawn shop. Policesaid those bracelets belonged to Michelle Renee Chappell, 41, who wasfound dead Saturday at a home in the 200 block of Avilez Boulevard.

Accordingto a report for Weber's arrest, the bracelets were sold about 4 p.m.the day of Chappell's death. It says Weber told investigators the pawnshop paid $130 for two of the bracelets and he was paid $30 for thetransaction by the homicide suspect.

Weber "acknowledgedthat during the ride in the vehicle the suspect talked about killing andthe show, 'Dexter,'" the report reads. He said "he was also presentwhile the suspect told what he had done to the victim of the homicideand offered to be shown the body of the victim."

'Dexter'is a Showtime cable television drama that tells the story of a policeblood-spatter analyst who is also a serial killer. The show is set inMiami.

Titusville police said the suspect, Christian JosephMurphy, 21, was killed in a crash in Camden County, Ga. after he and a15-year-old runaway fled the area in a car taken from Chappell's home.Police said Murphy and the teen were fleeing police at the time theycrashed.

Charges against the teen girl related to the fatal crash are pending, according to police.

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