Melbourne, FL (Florida Today) --A Palm Bay man is accused of biting off his on-and-off again girlfriend's left thumb during a fight Wednesday.

Theincident began with a call from a nurse at Health First Holmes RegionalMedical Center, Palm Bay police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said.

"Thenurse advised (the victim) was treated for a severed left thumb, andthat the woman continued to say, 'I can't believe he bit my finger off,'" she said. Martinez said hospital staff were not able to reattach herthumb.

When PalmBay police got to the hospital, the woman was gone. They went to herlast-known address, on East University Boulevard, and found Melbournepolice were already at the scene.

Martinez said Ricardo Marquis Davis confessed to biting off his significant other's thumb.

"Hewas driving to work, she works at a Taco Bell in Palm Bay," Martinezsaid. "During the course of the drive down to work, they got into averbal argument, and she basically became upset. She kind of pushed hishead, and he responded by biting (her thumb).

"He bit it completely off and spit it out on the floorboard."

PalmBay police victim advocates are working to help the woman. People atthe woman's south Melbourne home said she returned to the hospitalThursday for treatment.

Davis,35, is being held in jail on a charge of aggravated battery. He wasbeing held in what is known as "the bubble," a clear-walled cell thatallows for constant supervision of inmates who deputies think may harmthemselves and who have not yet been cleared by mental health staff.

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