Tampa, Florida -- Tampa Police are investigating a deadly crash scene in the area of North Nebraska and Hillsborough Avenue.

Tampa Police say it all started with a fight between two women at the Interstate Lounge.

As officers arrived at the bar, one of the women involved was seen leaving in a white Pontiac Grand AM. Police say the driver then accelerated and drove up onto the sidewalk in an attempt to run over two men walking on the sidewalk as her passenger yelled at the men.

PHOTOS: Driver dead after attempting to rundown 2 men on sidewalk

One jumped out of the way while the other was knocked to the ground.

As the driver tried to get away from the area, driving with her headlights off, she lost control of her car and crashed near Nebraska Avenue and Giddens before the officer could catch up.

The driver was killed and her passenger, a male, taken to the hospital with a broken leg.

Police identify the driver as 25-year-old Kathleen Trombley. Her passenger is identified as 38-year-old Patrick Simmons.

Police say they expect to be on scene for several more hours as they investigate the crash. If this area is part of your morning commute, expect delays. Nebraska Avenue is closed between Hillsborough Avenue and Shadowlawn.

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