Hillsborough County, Florida -- New York Yankees star Derek Jeter talks about his health andhelping kids,as well as Lance Armstrong's doping and Manti Te'o's girlfriend in Tampa.

Jeter says his broken ankle is healing and he is on schedule to pick up a bat when the Yankees have their firstSpring Training workout in Tampa exactly a month from now.

But Friday, he was swinging clubs. Side-by-side with other stars, Jeter hosted acelebrity golf classic at theAvila Golf and Country Club.The tourney raises money for his Turn 2 Foundation, which helps keep kids off drugs and alcohol.

His spirit of giving is inspired in part by late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who was known for his generosity in Tampa Bay.

"He gave so much to the community and didn't want to be recognized for it," said Jeter, who still calls Steinbrenner by his nickname, "The Boss."

"Obviously we have this golf tournament here in order to raise funds to help out as many kids as possible. But he did so much for the community that people didn't even know about. That's probably the biggest thing I learned from him."

A certified class act, Derek Jeter is not just the most famous person to call Tampa home, he's also one of the most respected athletes in the world of sports.

We asked him about the biggest stories in sports right now.

What's his take on the lack of honesty -- both in Lance Armstrong's lies, and in the inconsistencies with the fictional girlfriend of Manti Te'o?

"I just think everyone makes mistakes. Whether you're an athlete or any other profession," Jeter replied.

"I think athletes obviously get a lot of attention for when they do it, so that's an unfortunate thing. I think it happens in every walk of life, but you learn from your mistakes, you move on, and hopefully make adjustments."

Last year's golf tournamentin Tampa raised more than a million dollars for Jeter's foundation.

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