Tampa, Florida -- A 13 month investigation has a veteran in the Tampa Fire Department out of a job for going to school when he was getting paid to work as an inspector in the Fire Marshal Office.

Earlier this week we told you about questions being raised regarding Tampa's new Fire Marshal, and now there are more problems in the Department.

Fire Inspector Kenneth Nelson was fired Friday for cheating taxpayers while on the job. Nelson was attending a course so he could be licensed as a day care operator while he was supposed to be working for the Fire Marshal Office.

Nelson is also one of the people who was eating breakfast at a restaurant two years ago when he was being paid overtime to work the Gasparilla Classic.

You may recall we reported Monday the newly appointed fire marshal Milton Jenkins was also doing the same thing. Jenkins was promoted despite that incident and bad reviews, including having his service revolver stolen twice.

Tampa Fire Chief Thomas Forward said in Nelson's case, "He had also attended day care classes and child care consultation for owners of day cares when he was supposed to be working."

According to Forward, "Nelson was obviously on the clock when he was supposed to be doing his duty for the city of Tampa Inspection Bureau, and he was in attendance of this class."

Forward says Nelson was not truthful about taking the class on the taxpayer's dime. In addition Nelson did fire inspections of the same facility where he was taking the class and found no violations, however when others did inspections they found violations.

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