(CBS NEWS) -- A new Mercedes-Benz commercial featuring model Kate Upton is drawing some heat from critics.

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Thead, titled "Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in SlowMotion," is reportedly slated to air during next weekend's Super Bowl.The 20-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl doesn'tactually wash any cars in the commercial -- that's left to a group ofyoung men in football jerseys who gawk as she blows soap suds out of herhand, struts over and tells them: "You missed a spot."

A spokeswoman for the Parents Television Council told theDaily Mailthat the commercial "isn't selling cars, it's selling sexual objectification."

"Thisad [reinforces] for millions of wives, daughters and sisters across thecountry that you use your sex appeal to get what you want," thespokeswoman said. "If anything, this ad proves that we've regressedrather than progressed over the last several years."

Reviews on the brand'sYouTubeandFacebookpageswere mixed. Some called the commercial "tacky," "cheap" and"classless," while others didn't see what all the fuss was about. Onecommenter pointed out: "With all of these comments and publicity, the adis CLEARLY effective!"

Dean Crutchfield, a brand expert and Forbes advertising blogger, told Yahoo! Shinethat the sexy ad is a "risky" move for the car company.

"They'reclearly working on a new strategy, by picking a lane that's notstandard for a luxury brand," he said, adding, "To have an ad that wouldbe perceived as crass? This would potentially have a negativeimpact...The other side of it, though, is it stands out. And you want todo that."

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