Bocan Raton, Florida - The 5-bedroom mini-mansion at 580 Golden Harbour Drive is worth $2.5 million and features balconies, palm trees and a swimming pool.

Not too bad for a 23-year-old to be living in, not bad at all. Andre Barbosa didn't win the lottery,but he hit the jackpot using an obscure Florida real estate law called "Adverse Possession" to live here for free... for now.

Real Estate Attorney Don Thomas says the law allows someone to move into an empty home and claim the title. They need to stay there for seven years, pay the property taxes and hope that the owner forgets about the home.

In this case, Bank of America owns it.

Thomas said, "In order for this person to actually end up legally owning this property, he would have to have an enormous amount of good luck."

Some neighbors are irritated.

So a reporter at our sister stationWPECCBS 12 wanted to know how Andre got into the house in the first place. No one answered the door. He also didn't answer his phone. So thereporter then asked neighbors what they would say to Andre if they had the chance. Some said, "Get a life!" and "Get out!"

Neighbors say the lights in the home went on right after Christmas, and Andre has been living there ever since.

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