NEW PORT RICHEY, Florida -- Tenants living in two New Port Richey apartment complexes managed by the Elon Property Management Group continue to call10 News with the same complaint of mold in their apartment.

Most say they are having health issues because of it and, despite their complaints to management, they say little, if anything, is being done.

After10 News's story on the mold in David Brooks' High Points Apartment, a maintenance crew came out the next day to inspect the mold. Brooks says they cut into the wall behind the water heater.

"That's all they did, bleach it. Maintenance guy says it's out of his realm," Brooks says.

Inside the walls, they found a water leak and mold on both the utility and bathroom walls. "[It's] unsettling, definitely unsettling. Now my wife and I can't keep living like this," says Brooks.

The district manager hired an outside contractor to fix the problem. David Rodriguez with D'Maxim Construction says he does not have any experience removing mold. "This is my first time looking at it. Someone else will have to come look at the mold. I will do the drywall part of it," he says.

Brooks says management has offered him and his wife another apartment, but it would be their third insix months for the same problem. He does not want to move again, fearing the next place will have mold.

Josephine Jarrett says she has moved twice within the same High Points Apartments complex over mold problems, too. Now, mold in Josephine's brother's utility room and bathroom is forcing him to move to another apartment as well.

"I've been coughing, stuff like that. This is not good, [I could]get sick from it," says Jimmie.

It's not just tenants complaining; 10 News found a Facebook page created in September by contractors who say Elon does not pay them for their work. The Facebook page is called,"Elon Property Management does not pay contractors."

Elon Property Management Group began in December 2011.10 News spent a week trying to reach anyone from the corporate office. They aren't returning our calls or emails. We will continue trying.

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