BROOKSVILLE, Florida - A memorial was heldSaturday morningfor an 18-year-old Brooksville girlwhose body was found by a hunter dumped in the woods about 75 miles away from her home.

Deanna Lee Stires was reported missing on New Year's Day and wasfound dead January 19, 2013.

Amemorialwas heldin hermemoryatChristian Fellowship Church inBrooksvilleSaturday morning.

Her family is praying for an arrest. Deanna's uncle, Todd Watson, said earlier in the week, "This is an 18-year-old child, and to die in the way that she died shouldn't happen to anybody. I just pray that justice be served, and one day we can have closure. I'm also praying that we'll be able to forgive these people."

Deanna attended Hernando High School andwas about to start taking community college classes to become a nurse.

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