Tampa -- There's a reason Cigar City Brewery is always packed- the beer.

The small Tampa brewery is making a big name for itself with the quality and variety of its brews.

"This is Florida Cracker, this is Modero Brown Ale, this Jai-alai."

These are just three craft beers that have put Cigar City on the world stage and the proof comes from the beer-connoisseur website that ranked Cigar City Brewery the 4th best brewery in the world.

What does that tell you about the beer industry overall?

"That craft beer is coming around, and the world is starting to take notice," said tasting room manager Billy Burnes.

The big honor was no surprise to most of the brewery regulars,, and they know the reason why.

"It's flavor, and if you enjoy flavor, then these are the beers you wanna taste," said one beer drinker.

Not everyone knew about the #4 ranking, so we told them.

"Does it surprise you?", we asked.

"No; They have the best beers," said a woman.

"Every time you come here you never know what you're going to get. You always see something new that you've never tried before, and it's fantastic," said another customer.

10 News got a quick tour of the beer-making process from the beermeister himself.

"It becomes mash, drops into the mash ton, that's where the enzymes mesh and break down the starches..."

That's a lot of technical talk, but simply put, Cigar City is where the magic happens. The Brewery only uses the freshest ingredients and experiments with different flavors to create beers of distinction that keeps patrons coming back for more.

"Here you're gonna get stuff that you cant get anywhere else,"Burnes said.

Check out Cigar City Brewery for yourself. They're located at3924 West Spruce Street, Ste. A in Tampa.

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