LARGO, Florida -- There were some nervous momentsfor movie goers Saturday afternoon inside the AMC Tri-City 8 movie theater in Largo.

Largo fire chief Michael Wallace saysfire rescue crewsrespondedto the theaterafter movie goers started to complain about an odor inside theater #2 around 12:30 p.m.

People started coughing and the entire theater was cleared out.

A total 70 people were evacuated. Wallace says there were 13 peopleinsidetheater #2 where the odor was reported.

Adam Raymer was one of those movie patrons.He says, "More and more people started coughing, and then people started getting up and leaving. I have bronchitis frequently, so I was, like, 'Okay, we got to get out of here.' As I was walking out, a mist in the air hit my eyes. You couldn't see it or anything, but it burned, and my throat was burning and scratching."

Wallace says 22 people were treated at the scene, but none of the customers were taken to the hospital. He says Largo Fire Rescue still isn'texactly sure where the smell came from and what it actually was, but they are stillinvestigating. He adds the smell dissipated, sothe theaterhas reopened to customers.

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