TAMPA, Florida -- By Saturday afternoon, 40 flightsat Tampa International Airport had been canceled. Several feet of snow in the northeast stopped flights going between TIA and Providence, Boston, and New York City.

"Iwas a little surprised," passenger Tanya Fisher said.

Fisher was not surpriseabout flight cancellations across the northeast and across the airport. Instead, she was shocked that her flight to Newark was ready to go.

"I'm happy. I'm more than ready to go home, even though it's snow," she said. "On CNN, it said Newark airport was closed. When I checked in with United, it said the flight was on time."

Fisher'sfriend wasn't so lucky. She was on a different airline, flying into a different airport just half an hour from Newark, andthat made all the difference.

"She was flying into New York and they canceled her flight and told her she could get the flight on Monday," fellow passenger Patricia Diniz said. "She had to cancel the flight here and go to another airline just to get a flight out."

For those stuck in the snow, Tampa Electric was helping from hundreds of miles away, setting upa call centerfor outage reports and repair requestsfrom customers in the northeast.

Regardless of the damage reports, or the snowless streets of Tampa, fliers still seem happy to go home.

"Florida and snow, big choice, but family's first," Diniz said.

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