TOWN N COUNTRY, Florida - It's hard to imagine what it feels like to dash out of your home, only to watch everything you own pictures, clothes, and all your important documents going up in flames. But that's exactly what happened to 29 residents livingat the Harbour Walk apartment complex in Town 'N Country.

Two of the smallest residents living at the complex almost didn't make it out alive. A local rapper, LKOK,who lives at the complex, shot video of the flames after he says his dog, who never barks, started barking Saturday night.

LKOK can be hearddescribing what he saw on the video. "It's gone, get that one, all 6 of these gone. All six of these gone. Look, if they don't hurry up, that one, that one, the whole block!"

He adds, "It's about to jump! It's fixing to jump. Look it's fixin' to jump!"

Someone asks him on the tape if they evacuated the building and LKOK answers, "Yeah, we knocked on all the doors and everything, man. Man, it's crazy!"

Everyone was able to get out, butKen McCullough's two Jack Russell Terriers, Poppy and Sweetgirl,were trapped inside his apartmentduring the fire. McCullough says, "They were locked in the bathroom where I keep them."

McCullough wasn'tat homewhen the fire started, but had a sinking feeling that he shouldreturn, and he did in the nick of time. He gave his keys to theemergency responders so paramedics could get inside his apartment to pull his dogs out and rush them to a waiting ambulance where they could oxygen for smoke inhalation.

McCullough says, "The little girl dog wasn't even moving. They revived her completely. They saved them like they would a human."

The Red Cross says all the families were able to find shelter Saturdaynight. The organization ishelping most of them with longterm housing solutions and food. The apartment complex has some empty units available and it plans to reach out to nearby apartments to see if they can help.

Meanwhile, fire investigators are still trying to figure out what started the fire.

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