ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- It's a team effortfrom volunteers tocook forand feed up to 900 people a day.

The problem?St. Vincent de Paul's food center in St. Pete is losing one of its biggest team players.

''It's been devastating. We've really lost a good friend in Sweetbay," says Michael Raposa, St. Vincent de Paul's executive director."It is hard to lose that one because they've been very good to the community. Very, very good."

Sweetbay donates18,000 pounds a weekto St. Vincent de Paul ofday-old bread and dairy.

"We're able to take that which would otherwise be thrown away and convert it into meals for the homeless, and we are very dependent upon that," Raposa says.

But since 33stores throughout Florida shut down recently, those donations have dropped to three thousand pounds a week.Starting on Monday, St.Vincent de Paul made the decision to stop serving breakfast due to lack of donations.They'll offer it only on Sundays while they search for community partners.

"When we started to notice that the truck was coming back empty day after day after day, it's just really really hard," Raposa says.

They're looking for partnerships with restaurants, stores, and church groups. For example, St. Thomas Episcopal Church donated bag lunches so that those who rely on St. Vincent de Paul would have a meal to take home.

You canhead to their website or call727-823-2516to help out.

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