ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- Like many moms, Tammy Steinke isn't quite ready to see her little boy leave home. Her son, Trevor, is off to college.

But, just barely.

After two years worth of setbacks on the football field, his future at the next level was uncertain.

"Trevor had the worst luck of anybody I've been around for two years," said Hillsborough Head Football Coach Earl Garcia during the Terriers' National Signing Day ceremonies. "I'm tickled to death that he's going to get a chance to play in college."

After sitting out eight games as a junior because of transfer issues, and then breaking his leg the summer before his senior season, Trevor only got one offer. A fairly local international business school, Webber International, wanted him.

"Webber is a good NAIA program, and we'll get a chance to go watch him play," said Garcia.

He played in just one game as a junior, and his senior season was cut short. Steinke finished his Terriers career with 256 yards rushing in five games. That was enough of a sample size for Webber.

The opportunity may be more special to Tammy than Trevor.

"I had started college myself and have not finished but would like to go back," she said. "I believe he'll follow through, continue and I'm very proud of him."

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