ST. CLOUD, Minn. (KARE11) - He's the squirrel who's inspiredcountless YouTube posts and television newscast kickers.

Thirty-three years after first climbing onto a pair of skis, Twiggy the water skiing squirrel isstill riding the wake behind ascale-model power boat and stilldelighting legions of fans at boat and outdoor shows across the country.

"Twiggy's a magical squirrel," shouted one enchanted preschooler at the St. Cloud Sportsmen's Show.

Truth be told, squirrels don't live 33 years - even those athleticenough to ski. Eight squirrels have worn the Twiggy banner since ChuckBest, a roller rink owner from Deltona, Florida, trained the firstTwiggy to ski.

Chuck's wife Lou Ann says it all came about by accident after herhusband played nurse to a baby squirrel that had fallen out of a treeduring a hurricane.

"My husband, he was a nut," she said. The kind of nut who might lookat his daughter's toy power boat and then his squirrel - and wonder,what if?

"He starts whittling skis out of Styrofoam then he started working with her in the water and she learned to ski," Lou Ann said.

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A local newspaper photographer snapped the first pictures of Chuck'swater skiing squirrel. It wasn't long before Twiggy was being seen innewspapers and on television around the world. The traveling showstarted not long after.

A story that crazy deserves a happy ending, but in Chuck's case it was not to be.

In 1997 he was boating on the Wekiva River when his stepfather fellout of the boat. Chuck was an expert swimmer and trained as an auxiliarytrooper with the Florida Highway Patrol. He saved his stepfather, butdidn't make it back onto the boat himself.

Neither man was wearing a life jacket, though they were stored on the boat as the law required.

"Drowning people don't mean to hurt you, they just arepanic-stricken, they're going to fight you and do whatever they can toget above the water and get air," Lou Ann said.

Chuck had always been the showman. Grieving and too shy to step intothe spotlight, Lou Ann shut down the Twiggy show, cancelling allremaining performances.

Then the phone started ringing with offers. It kept ringing, untilLou Ann decided she had to start the show up again - this time with thefocus on water safety.

"How many of you all wear a life jacket when you're on a boat?" shequizzes the children who gather around Twiggy's pool. "Do you thinkTwiggy needs a life jacket?" They all nod in unison.

Lou Ann pulls out a pint-sized life jacket she's cut from a can cozy and pulls it over Twiggy's head.

Lou Ann wants Twiggy to be to water safety what Smoky Bear is to fireprevention. As hundreds gather for Twiggy's skiing show, she definitelyhas a captive audience.

"I believe with all my heart and soul that was Twiggy's purpose. That's the Lord that provided that," she says.

Crisscrossing the country with a truck and trailer, Lou Ann andTwiggy perform at roughly 20 events a year. The shows provide Lou Annwith both a living and a mission for her life.

Sometimes blessings come from unexpected places, like the squirrel that makes Lou Ann's world go around.

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