ST. PETERSBURG, Florida --Luke Scott is ready for action. He got some brand new gloves this spring.

"Yeah, hopefully I get to break those out and use them in the field," he said.

Just like in years past, the Rays will shuffle the lineup all season long.

"We kind of build ourselves along that idea," said manager Joe Maddon. "There's so many other things you can do."

"It just gives us more depth,"said Scott, who missed much of 2012 with a shoulder injury.

There are very few specialists on the Rays' roster. Ben Zobrist and Sean Rodriguez have played every position but catcher and pitcher since joining the Rays.Ryan Roberts played second and third base in 2012. Luke Scott DHs most of the time, but can play first base or the outfield. Matt Joyce, Sam Fuld, and Desmond Jennings have played every outfield spot at the Trop.We still don't know if Wil Myers will start in the minors or with the Rays.

It's a confusing puzzle and Joe Maddon holds the pieces.

"It's almost like having a 27 or 28 man roster instead of 25," he said. "That's how we play it."

"You never know if you're going to be playing right, left or center," said outfielder Desmond Jennings. "It's good to know all the positions."

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