TAMPA, Florida -- It was a packed house at the University of Tampa for a debate on marijuana.

On one side, pro legalization speaker Aaron Houston from the only marijuana lobby on Capitol Hill. On the other side, anti-legalization speaker Dr. Kevin Sabet, senior advisor to the Obama administration's National Drug Control Policy.

"Project SAM is actually about education, increased treatment, and intervention, and really looking this as a health issue and rejecting either jail time or legalization," said Sabet.

"My friend Kevin's research is based on troves of government data that has never actually sought anything positive about marijuana regulation. If you ask a loaded question, you're going to get a loaded answer," said Houston.

With more than 500 people in attendance, the two squared off at the podiums. For the most part, it was pretty tame, but at one point a gotcha question caused an eruption of laughter.

"I don't think it's fair. I mean, when was the last time you smoked, Kevin? (laughter) I know it's stupid and I know it's not the right thing to do."

More than 18 states have already legalized marijuana, and now the issue is set for Tallahassee. A bill is being drafted to make medical marijuana legal in Florida. The two speakers presented their positions, and students listened intently, saying the debate was the talk of the campus.

"I got a couple of text messages today asking, 'Are you going to the debate tonight? It's supposed to be pretty good,'" said student Irving Fayman.

We spoke with many of the students on campus. Some were for legalization, others against it.

"Personally, it shouldn't be legal at all ... no, for any reason," said student Michelle Speaker.

"I think eventually over time it will be legalized, because the public is getting more used to it," said student Kevin Voorhees.

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