(USA TODAY)It's the Oscar video bomb that's gone viral.

You're Jennifer Lawrence, post-biggest moment of your professional life, gettinginterviewedby George Stephanopoulos, and someone crashes the cozy tete-a-tete: Jack Nicholson.

And then, after you graciously gush over one of your acting idols, things get progressively, predictably, creepy:

Nicholson, tenderly touching Lawrence's shoulder: "You did such a beautiful job! I don't mean to crash your interview."

Lawrence, laughing: "Yeah, you're being really rude."

Nicholson: "Enjoy the night. I loved you in the movie. It was great. (Massive non sequitur alert:) You look like an old girlfriend of mine."

Lawrence: "Oh really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?"

Nicholson, ducking away: "I thought about it."

Lawrence, burying head in hands: "Oh, my God! Is he still here?"

Nicholson, back in view, in his signature shades: "I'll be waiting!"

Lawrence, more shrill: "Oh, my God! I need a rearview mirror!"

For those of you brave enough to do the math: Nicholson is 75. Lawrence is - gulp - 22.

Also predictably: a smorgasbord ofGIFsdocumenting the cringe-tastic exchange are being served up.

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