Bartow, Florida -- Bartow police have arrested a man for beating a victim with a pipe and also confronting him at gunpoint.

Police say on Monday, at about 11 :00 p.m., the victim was in a common area of Azalea Gardens apartment complex, in the area between building seven and building eight.

They say Rodney White, 30, then approached the victim, and hit him approximately seven times with a pipe.

The victim advised he was struck on his head, left shoulder and left arm.

The victim then fell to the ground, say police, at which point, White tried to stab him several times with the pipe.

At that point, police say an unidentified person got between the victim and White, and the attack ended.

White and the victim then left the area, in separate directions.
The victim says the weapon used in the attack was a pipe, wrapped in dark colored duct tape, with several blades extending from the end and says that during the attack, White was making statements pertaining to the victim having slept with the mother of White's child.

A witness told police he observed White approach the victim, while holding the pipe, and strike him multiple times on the head and upper body.

The witness also said the incident came to an end when an unknown individual came between the victim and White.

The victim also tells police that on Sunday, at about 8:00 p.m., he was in Azalea Gardens apartment complex, in a common area between building six and building seven, when he was approached by the White.

He says White approached from the area of building six, and pointed a black semi-automatic handgun in his direction.

White, he says, then stated "are you ready to die tonight?", and then fired three to four rounds from the weapon into the air, over the victim's head.

White, say police, then approached the victim, and placed the gun to the back of his head.

At this point White, say investigators, stated "you don't know how bad I want to kill you".

The victim then freed himself from the defendant, and turned to face him. White, he says, then pointed the gun at the victim, momentarily, before leaving.

The victim was unable to identify any witness present during the incident which took place on Sunday and said he had not gotten medical attention in relation to either incident.

He had decided not to report the incident until the second occurrence took place.

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