Milton, Florida (PNJ) -- The parents of a 3-year-old Panhandle boy have been arrested after hedrank drain cleaner stored in a sippy cup at an apartment where deputiessay methamphetamine was being produced.

Followingthe February 20 incident, the boy is still in critical condition at SacredHeart Hospital, according to Assistant State Attorney James Parker.

"Atfirst, there were concerns about whether he would survive, but I thinkhe has stabilized to the point where they are not concerned so muchabout that," Parker said. "Right now, they are treating the injuries,burns from the chemicals that went down (his throat)."

Photos:Meth before and after mug shots

Thechild's father, Jonathan Wayne Glass, 36, of the 2300 block of SherryLane in Cantonment, and his mother, Victoria Lauren Cain, 27, who livesin the Pineywoods Place apartments on Swanner Road in Milton, werearrested on multiple child endangerment and drug charges.

SantaRosa County sheriff's investigators believe several people were at thePineywoods unit making meth, a process which commonlyrequires lye or a drain cleaner of some type that is very caustic.

Parker said Glass was "the primary one involved with the meth lab" and brought the drain cleaner to the apartment.

Glass told officers he was using the chemical to unclog a drain, Parker said.

Healso told officers he used the sippy cup - a child's beverage containerthat uses a top with a small spout or straw - to transport the chemicalafter borrowing it from someone else.

Thechild - whose name has not been released - was unsupervised when hedrank the chemical in the bathroom. He suffered an immediate reaction.

Otherswho were at the apartment and have been arrested on felony drug chargesare Debbie A. Harris, 43, John Q. Adams, 45, and Justin E. Godwin, 30,all of Pace. Ronnie E. Olson, 39, was also charged, but his address wasnot available.

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