Tampa, Florida - Students at Bayshore Christian School in South Tampa had a special treat Wednesday. School wasn't all about books and reading, but there definitely was a message.

"ABC's: Action, bravery and compassion!" shouted a few students.

Harlem Globetrotter Kevin "Special K" Daley spoke to the kids about the team's ABC's of Bullying Prevention program, which was designed to help reduce bullying and violence among youths.

PHOTOS:See pics of "Special K" Daley & Amos The Wonder Horse

"I talk to the kids about how serious bullying is, so I want to give them some tips of how to deal with bullying and let them know that they might be doing some things without even knowing that are considered to be bullying," says Special K.

He showed off some of his slick moves and the kids got to join in on the fun.

Now we've all heard or seen the world famous Harlem Globetrotters and we know they can play basketball, but have you ever seen a Globetrotter horse that can shoot hoops?

Amos The Wonder Horse is part of the Globetrotter family and he didn't mind showing the students some of his tricks too. All fun and games aside, the students got a lesson of a lifetime.

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