SEFFNER, Florida- Residents of a Hillsborough County neighborhood where a second sink hole opened up Monday afternoon are living in disbelief. Just days after a catastrophic sink hole opened up underneath a Seffner home, a second sinkhole has appeared between two homes on Cedar Tree Lane less than two miles away.

"Everybody is scared," said Joe Cortez. "You could lose your home overnight."

County crews say the 10 to 13-foot wide hole is only about 5 feet deep. Even so, there are concerns it could be growing.

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"We're going to stay at a hotel," said Katia Vergas, who lives two doors down from where the sinkhole opened up. She and other neighbors are on edge worried about what's next.

"Should I move? Should I sell my house? I just don't know," said Elizabeth Fleites, who lives across the street. "I don't know what to think."

Penny McAfee says her grandson is scared to death.

"That it's going to happen to our house, like bring my mom and dad inside the sinkhole," said 8-year-old Broc.

"I told him I was going to sleep with him tonight and protect him," Penny said.

Meanwhile, crews at the first sinkhole site spent the day tearing down the home where 37-year-old Jeff Bush lost his life. The demolition left part of the massive hole exposed.

"We do know that it's wider than the foundation is open," said Hillsborough County spokesman Willie Puz.

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Crews poured truckloads of gravel in an effort to fill and stabilize the void, making the site most likely the victim's final resting place.

"These were extremely difficult decisions the responders were making," said Puz.

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