SANFORD, Florida (CBS/AP) --The attorney for the Florida man accused of fatally shooting TrayvonMartin says he won't need the two weeks a judge has set aside for animmunity hearing under the state's controversial self defense law.

Mark O'Mara told Judge Debra Nelson during a hearing Tuesday that shecould free up the final two weeks in April which had been set aside forGeorge Zimmerman's immunity hearing.

O'Mara previouslystated that he hopes to roll the "stand your ground" hearing intoZimmerman's second-degree murder trial, scheduled for June. He says thatremains his desire. The judge has said she's open to that.

Zimmerman says he shot the 17-year-old in self defense after they got into a fight in February 2012. He has pleaded not guilty.

In Florida, a person claiming self-defense is provided an immunity hearing, reports CBS affiliate WKMGin Orlando. In Zimmerman's case, his attorneys will likely argue thathe shot Martin because he was in fear of his life and, therefore, shouldbe immune from criminal prosecution.

The next hearing is set for April 2, WKMG reports, and Zimmerman's murder trial is scheduled to begin June 10.

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