Hernando County, Florida-- A courtesy call from a bank regarding a "delinquent account" turned out to be a wake-up call, as one woman learned someone under her own roof had racked up over $15,000 worth of charges in her name.

According to reports, the woman reached out to Hernando County Sheriff's Office to get to the bottom of it all.

After following a paper trail of the delinquent account's credit card application and statement, and statements from two other accounts with questionable purchases, detectives found the woman's live-in daughter was behind the fraud.

According to reports, 25-year-old Megan Glass had stolen the two credit cards from a locked security box in the home, and used them to rent a car in her name, pay off traffic tickets issued to herand make personal purchases.

Then, after using the two stolen cards, reports say Glass used her mother's identity to open the other account and go on a spending spree- all together racking up over $15,000 in charges.

Reports say officials recently found Glass at a local Quality Inn and arrested her and charged her withCriminal Use of Personal Identification Information and three counts of Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card.

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