TAMPA, Florida - A small poodle/cairn terrier mix is finally getting the medical attention it needs weeks after investigators believe he was hit by a car.

According to Hillsborough County Animal Services, the dog's owner neglected to get her pet the care it needed, instead allowing the animal to suffer.

"He had been hit by a car a few weeks ago and the actual foot was completely detached from the bone of the leg," said Hillsborough County chief veterinarian Isabelle Roese. "The leg was just dangling."

The dog's owner finally turned the pet over to Hillsborough County Animal Services, where he went into emergency surgery to amputate the broken leg this week. He's also being treated for heartworm disease, and was brought in covered in fleas.

"It needed medical care, wasn't going to get medical care the owner stated, so the owner gave the animal up to us," said Animal Services spokeswoman Marti Ryan.

Now, the dog owner could face potential charges for not acting sooner.

"If you can't provide medical care and there is a trauma, a dog hit by car, don't let the animal suffer," says Ryan. "It could become a legal matter with our investigators."

As for the poodle mix, he's now in good hands and is expected to make a full recovery.

"It's amazing how tough they are," says Roese, who sees her fair share of animal abuse. "We're so happy to be here and we are able to help them."

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