Tampa, Florida-- A little over one week after a woman found her son's dead body in his bedroom, Hillsborough deputies are saying it's his son that may have been the one to take his life.

According to reports, it was Monday, February 25 when the woman found her son, 43-year-old Dametrius Edwards, with a gunshot wound to the head. He was in his bedroom at his Granada Apartments home off San Ramon Place.

As detectives launched an investigation, they discovered his 2005 Nissan Titan truck and his live-in son, Dametrius Edwards, Jr., were both missing.

They found the 22-year-old with the truck the next day, and reportedly arrested him on a separate, outstanding warrant.

It wasn't until Wednesday that a break in the investigation allowed deputies to charge Edwards, Jr., who has been in jail since the first arrest, with his father's murder.

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