Bartow, Florida-- The school resource officer at Bartow Middle had to act fast Wednesday morning after a teacher alerted him of a woman with a gun on campus.

According to the Bartow Police Department, it was just before 9 a.m. when Resource Officer Griffith received the information, and headed to school's Guidance office to find 42-year-old Lisa Palmes in a meeting with the gun in her waistband.

Griffith immediately grabbed it from her and escorted her to his office, where reports say she tried to defend herself by showing a state-issued concealed weapons permit.

Officer Griffith cuffed her anyway, as those permits do not allow for carrying a firearm on school campuses.

A search of Palmes' purse revealed that she also had a stun-gun, a plastic bag with methamphetamine, a straw and a pill that she could not provide a prescription for.

Palmes received various felony and misdemeanor charges for possessing the weapons and the drugs.

Officials have not said Palmes' purpose for being at the school.

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