Tampa, Florida -- Some cruisers aboard the Carnival Dream are making their way home on Friday. After problems forced the ship to stay docked in St. Maarten, the cruise line is flying all the passengers to Orlando or to their home destination.

A woman at the St. Maarten airport told a reporter that Carnival made the right decision to stay in port.

"I was glad they stopped and took care of their people on the boat and not putting us at risk-getting halfway back to port and then stopping and not being able to go further," she said.

The first waves of passengers are beginning to arrive at the Orlando airport and they too had good things to say about the cruise.

"It was awesome, we had such a great time," said Catherine Noonan from Canada. "And Carnival treated us like royalty. They did a good job keeping us informed and making sure a great holiday was ensured."

But with more than 4,000 passengers to fly home, this process is expected to take all weekend. So what about those left on the ship? Thursday night Aline Linard from Tampa told 10 News that more time spent on board the ship would be no problem.

"Everything is happening -- all the activities, lunch, dinner --everything is fine," she said.

Of course the Dream's problems are nothing compared to the Triumph's travails. Last month, power problems crippled that Carnival ship and for four days passengers endured miserable conditions.

And now there's also the Legend limping back to the port of Tampa. Propulsion problems cancelled a stop in Grand Cayman. The Legend is scheduled to return on Sunday.

Depending on the problem, Carnival is offering refunds and discounts on future cruises and for some aboard the Dream, that's enough to have them already dreaming of their next Carnival cruise. Noonan said, "I'd do it again, because they really did treat us well."

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