Spring Hill, Florida-- For nearly 14 hours, he kept SWAT teams from Pasco and Hernando at bay. A 39-year-old Spring Hill man was holed up inside his home starting at 2 a.m. Monday morning.

Deputies say he shot at his own sister, and also fired the gun in the direction of at least three law enforcement officers during the lengthy stand-off. The bullets hit a nearby home and a deputy's cruiser.

SWAT team members stormed the home near US 19 and Commercial Way in Spring Hill. The man was inside the home on Berkley Manor Boulevard.

Deputies say James Michael Soard was armed with a gun the entire time. After he hit a nearby home when he began firing, sources say, the neighborhood had to be evacuated.

His mother, said to be in her mid-60s, was also inside the house trying to calm him down. She was led to safety late in the afternoon after teargas was shot into the home.

In the end, 39-year-old Soard ended up taking his own life.

Brian Kane watched the whole thing go down and told 10 News, "It was crazy. The world is going to hell."

Deputies say the 39-year-old was arrested for trespassing just last month in Orlando.

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