Hudson, Florida- The recent problems at Fivay High School have many asking what is going on? Students describe the school as a prison, they say it's a negative learning environment and that they don't feel safe...

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So who do parents and students blame? Many say it starts with the administration and the principal.

Principal Angie Stone has been with the Pasco school district for 18 years. The biology and chemistry teacher from Tennessee became an administrator in 1997, and has been the principal at three Pasco High Schools since 2004. But it's her time at Fivay that has brought attention to her for all the wrong reasons.

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Tenth-grader Sabrina Graves says if she had to grade Principal Stone, it would be an "F". Stone has been Fivay High School's principal since it opened in 2010.

"I don't like her. She seems very lazy; she points the finger at everyone else to do her work," says Graves, who will be home-schooled for the rest of the year.

Her mother says she's been bullied for the last two years. Staff has spoken to the bullies and their parents, but Samantha Graves says that is all, and the bullying continues.

"It's a horrible school," says Samantha, and she isn't shy about who she thinks is at fault.

"The administration here. They need to have compassion. They don't go out of their way to protect the children," Samantha explains.

In four months,a 16-year-old student has committed suicide, parents said a science teacher and former wrestler used "violent" test questions, and in one recent week, three students were arrested- a 16-year-old for bringing three knives to school, a 17-year-old for having sex with a minor in the media room, and a 15-year-old for videotaping the sex act and sharing it.

Samantha says, "I feel they need to get a different staff in here to take control of this school."

Pasco Superintendent Kurt Browning stands behind his principal for now.

"We are giving the school additional support. I support Mrs. Stone," says Browning.

Stones personnel file shows a clean record. She's received an "effective" or "satisfactory" rating in her evaluations over the years, and comments by supervisors include, "Ms. Stone continues to provide strong leadership" and "promotes a healthy culture for student achievements."

Browningsays the district will investigate the problems at Fivay first before deciding if Stone should be disciplined, reassigned or fired.

"At this point Ms. Stone is the principal at Fivay High School. We will see what transpires in the next several weeks," says Browning. "I'm not goingto say this is a possibility that Ms. Stone will be removed as principal of Fivay High School- not going to do that today."

We reached out to Stone to see where she stands on the situation, but she would not return our calls.

10 News also reached out to all five Pasco School Board members. Two board members, Hurley and Armstrong, did not want to comment, and the other three board members have not returned our calls.

The superintendent says he will bring in focus groups to study the problems at Fivay, and will wait to make any changes until he has all the facts.

A Unity Day is being planned for students to learn about respect and tolerance. District officials say they are also planning a community summit for June to help trouble shoot problems in schools and find solutions.

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