TAMPA, Florida -- It's been said, "If you're gonna play, you're gonna pay," and that's what happened to 35 men in the Tampa Bay area after a child sex sting operation.

Surveillancecameras wererolling as dozens of men were busted in Operation Green Shepherd 2. It's the second sting operation in Manatee County in six months designed to catch men looking to have sex with children.

"Our undercover detectives posed online in chat rooms as 14-year-old males and females, and the 35 individuals arrested agreed to meet at an undercover location in Manatee County, where upon their arrival they were arrested," said Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube.

As the men arrived and knocked, the door was opened by a cop with handcuffs, and not the fun kind.

One of those arrested was 41-year-old Phillip Kornell, a history and social studies teacher at Chamberland High school in Tampa.Originally hired as a temporary teacher in 2012, he was fired immediately.

We stopped at his St. Pete home. His mother refused to comment, but the homeowner across the street said the news terrified her because her granddaughter plays in the front yard.

"When my grandbaby comes over, she is only a year old. Whenever she is outside, for some reason I always take her in, and I'm so glad, because he was right there," said neighbor Alexandra Reaume.

Ricardo Cantu was also arrested. He's registrar at Marshall Center, which is a renowned European international security and defense school. He also has links to the U.S. Defense department.

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