(USA TODAY) Last night I was surprised to see a message in my inbox promotingNorm MacDonald Live, a new video podcast featuring the comedian.

The live show, which will air weekly via theVideo Podcast Network, features MacDonald conducting celebrity interviews and being his usual dry 'n' witty self. Last night's guest wasSuper Dave Osborne, aka comedianBob Einstein. (Lately Super Dave has been uploading old stunt videos to his ownYouTube channel.)

I enjoyed the episode, which runs a little over an hour, though I agree with the YouTube commenters - and thatneverhappens! - that the weak link is MacDonald's young co-host,Adam Eget. Check it out below, and note episodes will also be posted on iTunes:

Norm MacDonald Liveairs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. Archived episodes will be posted

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