When I showed up to the YMCA in Palm Harbor to meet Cathy Caceres for the Do My Job: Zumba Instructor, I was barely out of my car before I was approached by one of her many clients/adoring fans. "You've picked a great person this week for your series...she's a class act", shouted the woman. I said, "Thank you" and headed inside with my photographer.

Once inside, we were approached by several women reiterating the same message. Once I met Cathy a few minutes later and started interviewing her, I understood what they were talking about.

Her story began in 2005, after her husband left her with three little girls. Depressed, overweight and a single mother of three girls, including twins (one that has part of her brain missing and the other hearing impaired), she took the advice of a friend, signed up for a fitness class at the YMCA and was eventually awarded an open-door scholarship.

It's an investment that's now paying off for Cathy and the lives she's touching. She eventually joined a Zumba class, became certified in 2009 and now has more than sixty very faithful and very energetic class followers.

Obviously, I failed at doing her job as a Zumba instructor. However, I got to witness an example of what I believe every company desires in an employee. Cathy is not only self-confident, but sweet, fun, caring, strong and completely selfless.

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