Tallahassee, Florida - The 2014 race for governor is officially under way.

On Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott unveiled his first ad for the upcoming campaign. It shows Scott talking to manufacturing workers in Orlando and emphasizing the economic recovery in Florida.

He touts the falling unemployment rate, lower state debt, less regulation and a positive business environment.

Gov. Scott says there is a stunning contrast between the economy that he inherited from former Gov. Charlie Crist and today's economy.

"The four years before I became governor, the state had lost 832,000 jobs. Unemployment had tripled from 3.5 to 11.1 percent. State debt had increased by over $5 billion and you know the housing market collapsed. So in contrast now in January, we're for the first time below the national average in unemployment. We're down to 7.8 percent, below the national average. That's the first time in five years since January, 2008. So it shows a stunning contrast what was happening when I came in and what's happening today."

Asked if it's fair to claim credit for Florida's economic recovery when the whole nation's economy has improved, Scott paraphrased the late president Ronald Reagan and said it's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't care who gets the credit.

Scott said he just wants to show the contrast between where Florida's economy was and where it is now.

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