Seffner, Florida -- Two buddies were found bludgeoned to death over the weekend in their Seffner mobile home.

Twenty-four-year-old Josh Deas and 34-year-old Kenny Simmons were discovered by Josh's mom, Karen, on Sunday. One body was found in the hallway, the other in the living room.

Sadly, detectives say, it was their friend, Charles Anthony Foster, who is accused of murdering the young men with an ax.

Arrest made in Seffner double murder

Family members say they never would have suspected Foster.

"Right now, we're still in state of shock," said Josh's grandfather, Al Ledoux. "Each and every day, it's more unbelievable."

What's even more shocking is that Foster was at the murder scene, family members say, comforting Josh's mother. Documents show that he even got a key to the mobile home from the front office so that Josh's mother could go inside to check on her son.

It was inside that Karen Deas made the heartbreaking discovery - Josh's body in one room and Kenny's in the other.

"It's betrayal. Lied to us, betrayed us," said Ledoux.

Charles Foster was so cold, so callous, detectives say, that he also "shot cocaine," and then proceeded to comfort Josh's mother when she was looking for her son after she had not heard from him.

Detectives say Foster lied to them, telling them that the red stains on his sweatshirt were ravioli, when they were actually blood.

Foster was caught trying to access his victims' bank accounts, documents show, and tried to pawn personal belongings that he allegedly stole.

Foster is charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of robbery with a weapon.

He was denied bond upon first appearance today.

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