CLEARWATER, Florida -- The sunset over Clearwater is beautiful, but don't let that fool you; it's cold.

Businesses depend on Spring Break to rake in the cash, but the cold can be a real wet blanket, especially for charter and tour boats.

"We lose about five hundred to a thousand dollars when it gets too cold and the seas are rough. That's money that doesn't go in our pocket," said charter boat captain Bob Clark.

"The cold keeps the number of people down and they don't feel like staying outside, so they do indoor stuff," said street performer Brian Gregory.

But for some businesses, the cold has been a boon. Tourists who aren't on the beach are doing other things, and spending money.

"We're packed," said a Crabby Bill's manager. "I mean, it's always better when it's 80 degrees, but we're actually doing okay."

Visitors from the north were hoping to bust out the beach wear, but instead had to break out the hoodies. "We had to buy sweatshirts. We had to look for them. Some of the stores are sold out, so I'm sure it helps the economy," said New York visitor Rene Rivera.

And believe it or not, that translates to big business for some.

"Sweatshirts, hot chocolate, coffee. It's been a very random Spring Break," said Pier 60 beach shop manager Kyle Mishler.

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